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Reach-Out CRM Solution

Clockwork's Reach-Out Customer Relationship Management Solution

We are happy to offer our customers the Reach-Out CRM solution.

Today more and more companies have become aware of the need to invest in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

CRM extends the concept of selling from a discrete act performed by a salesperson to a continual process involving every person in the company. It is the art/science of gathering and using information about your customers to build customer loyalty and increase customer value.

Major Features of Reach-Out CRM

  • Enterprise-Class CRM Functionality that is Easy-to-Use and Affordable
  • Data Integration Dynamics (DID) - technology that puts decision-making at your fingertips. DID allows customers to create their own solutions
  • Single Application to Support Marketing, Sales, Service, Support, Help Desk, Telemarketing, Call Center, Project Management, Risk Management, Legal Departments...
  • Infinite Customization Capabilities Without Programming
  • Rapid Network Implementation, System Configuration, User and Administrator Training
  • From single user workstations to corporate solutions
  • Reach-Out is designed to allow companies to reinvent the customer as the core of their business
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