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We develop applications for the Windows and UNIX platforms using all major industrial tools and languages. From designing large applications to developing front-ends or implementing low-level protocols, we use proven methods to deliver robust and efficient software solutions.

Our developers have a wide range of industrial experience and skills. Whether you need a systems architect who has designed large mission-critical systems, or a group of application developers with proven track records, our team is diverse enough to handle your precise requirements.

In addition to general application development, we specialize in the following areas:

Web Application Development

Using proven techniques and tools such as Java servlets, Java applets, ASP, perl, and Tcl, we implement scalable and secure back-end solutions for your demanding web application.

GUI Development

We design and develop graphical interfaces using MFC, ActiveX, COM, Visual Basic, Windows Forms, WPF, Java, and X/Motif. Whether we are implementing new GUI components, or integrating with existing ones, special emphasis is placed on usability and intuitive interface design.

Database Development

We are skilled in deploying, optimizing, and integrating with major database systems such as Oracle, DB2, and Microsoft SQL. We can handle a wide range of systems, from large-scale commercial and governmental applications, to narrowly-focused internal applications.


We will take your UNIX, Windows, or Mac application and port it to another platform from start to finish in our labs. From GUIs, to system-level functionality, we have the knowledge and experience to determine the most feasible and effective porting strategy for your application.

Code Conversion and Remediation

We will migrate your legacy application to a new environment, or convert your application from one language to another. We also specialize in optimization and tuning of performance-critical software. We offer unique services as well, such as full-scale memory-leak detection and remediation, and in-depth semantic analysis of your code using industrial-strength tools.


We will provide you with dedicated resources who will maintain your software for an extended period of time. We will be responsible for repairing defects, implementing enhancements, and releasing new versions of your software to customers.

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